[Travel Diary #1] Belgium & France — Day 5: Tasty in Paris

The fifth day of the trip included visiting the Versailles Palace, coming back to the Louvre Museum, tasting French cuisine and enjoying the nightlife in Paris. Before starting with the journey in the day as before, I would like to talk a little bit about public transport in Paris. Public transport system When I first sawContinue reading “[Travel Diary #1] Belgium & France — Day 5: Tasty in Paris”

[Travel Diary #1] Belgium & France — Day 4: Louvre – The Dream Came True

We always want to have a chance to visit the Louvre Museum one day. The second day we spent in Paris when we spent our time to visit the Louvre Museum, Royal Palace, Sainte Chapelle, Notre-Dame de Paris and Hotel de Ville. Not like the other days, we also had an evening trip around Paris. TheContinue reading “[Travel Diary #1] Belgium & France — Day 4: Louvre – The Dream Came True”

[Travel Diary #1] Belgium & France – Day 3: Paris — The Glorious City

Paris deserves what people admire it. Hey there, it’s me. Let’s continue travelling with us to France, where we should had used three days to explore Paris and one day to go to Étretat, a beautiful beach located to the west of France (there was something changed in the last day, so let’s wait forContinue reading “[Travel Diary #1] Belgium & France – Day 3: Paris — The Glorious City”

[Travel Diary #1] Belgium & France — Day 2: Unexpected Destination

When we were supposed to be in France, we weren’t. Welcome to the second day of my first Europe trip. Waking up early in the morning, we started preparing for a long day. We would spend the first few hours in Ghent, to visit tourist attractions in this city. Then we would catch the trainContinue reading “[Travel Diary #1] Belgium & France — Day 2: Unexpected Destination”

[Travel Diary #1] Belgium & France – Day 1: The Kingdom of Waffles and Chocolate

The first day of our first trip after the lifting of travel restriction in Europe. I have to admit that I was so excited about this trip. I had been talking about it for the whole week before the trip. It was the first time I got out of the Netherlands from the first dayContinue reading “[Travel Diary #1] Belgium & France – Day 1: The Kingdom of Waffles and Chocolate”


Exploring castles is always one of my wife’s and my travelling interests. De Haar Castle, located near Utrecht, is one of the most beautiful castles in the Netherlands. We decided to go there thanks to our friend who found a photo of this castle on Instagram. And it worth visiting. I don’t find any recordContinue reading “DE HAAR CASTLE – THE LARGEST CASTLE IN THE NETHERLANDS”

Covid-19 Pandemic: Does the Time of Digital-Only Banks Come?

The outbreak of the Coronavirus has changed the whole world, including the financial market. Before the pandemic The development of digital-only banks is still a question. The reason is that, although digital-only banks have the technology to develop and expand their business and market, the competition in the market is still high. Additionally, customers tendContinue reading “Covid-19 Pandemic: Does the Time of Digital-Only Banks Come?”

One Day in Giethoorn – A ‘Fairy Tale’ Village in the Netherlands

This trip is our first journey after three months of going nowhere, and it was fantastic. Giethoorn, a place being called a little ‘Venice’ in the Netherlands, is a small village located to the northeast of the Netherlands. Many other people called that name, but I did not agree with that because the view ofContinue reading “One Day in Giethoorn – A ‘Fairy Tale’ Village in the Netherlands”


With a large amount of smartphones users and internet subscribers, and the vast development of technology, Vietnam has the potential to develop the digital-only bank business model. In the past few years, we are currently seeing the competition between FinTech and traditional banks in the race of providing banking and financial products and services toContinue reading “DIGITAL-ONLY BANKS – CHANCE FOR DEVELOPMENT IN VIETNAM”


What can a studio making films about toys, bugs, robots, cooking rats, cars teach entrepreneurs? Have you ever wondered how Pixar can reach to its position today? How can a company making films about toys, clown fishes, bugs, robots, cooking rats make history in IPO and entertainment industry? Some people might hear about the book ‘ToContinue reading “PIXAR SUCCESS — FIVE-PLUS-ONE LESSONS FOR ENTREPRENEURS”