Reasons I Follow The Lawyer Career

#2. Getting out of my father’s shadow.

Photo by Ruthson Zimmerman on Unsplash

Each of us has the own reason to choose a career path. People who want to start a business would like to be their own boss and make money independently. Some footballers would like to get out of the poor and help their families. Some people want to be doctors or lawyers because of their parents’ hope. 

For me, I have to say that lawyer was not my priority. I have to admit that studying law was not my first interest when I prepared for the university admission exam.

When I was in high school, I did not know who I should become. And now, I am a lawyer working for an international law firm based in my home country. That has been a long journey for me to become who I am now. 

Looking back to what has happened up to the present, I realized that I had become a lawyer thanks to three reasons, which were rooted in “what I thought,” “how I felt,” and “what I desired.” 

#1. A high-school boy who used to live in his comfort zone

Back in high school time, there was a boy who had an excellent academic result. Like his classmates, he was preparing for the most important exam to get admission to universities. He did not know which university or which area to choose: economy, trade, education, or legal. Many options were in front of him.

Still, that boy was born in a law-tradition family. His parents worked in universities and teach law courses. His father was a vice professor in the legal area. It seemed to be an excellent option for him: following their same career paths. Why not? 

That boy, me, was lack of confidence to choose better option. I was reluctant between choose economy and law. At that time, the points used to assess examinee to the law school was lower than ones to the economic school. 

By the end, law school was the one and the only choice I made. I thought that would be a safe option. I believed that I could pass the exam to attend the law school. 

#2. Getting out of my father’s shadow

My father, who was working in the legal area, was the reason for choosing to participate in a law school. And also, my father was the reason for me to become a lawyer.

My dad wanted me to be a law lecturer and become someone like him. I used to think of taking that career path. 

Then I questioned myself: should I do that? 

I thought about this question in my last two years at university. If I became a lecturer, I would feel that other people might look at me and compare me with my dad. My dad achieved many things in the decades he taught students at the law school, and no doubt that people might compare me with him. I felt that I would need to do things that could not satisfy or at least not embarrass my dad. Then, people might think that my achievement might thank to my dad, not by my real ability. 

No, I need to do something else. I needed to prove that I was not my dad, and I could follow my career path. 

And, becoming a lawyer would be a good way to do that. I could have a chance to challenge myself to prove that I can get out of my father’s shadow, to survive in the real-life without his help. 

We had some discussions (and arguments) about this. My dad tried to convince me that the lawyer job was not for me, and I should have been a lecturer. But, I have my reason, and I have enough confidence to become a lawyer. 

#3. Desire and love

I always remind myself that I should quit if I don’t feel satisfied with what I do. I kept that in mind when I started my very first days at my firm. 

I felt struggling several times in my first year. Stress. Staying up late to finish deadlines. All of those things should have made me down and quit. 

Nevertheless, the most surprising thing that I am still happy with the job. Although sometimes, I had to come back home late due to deadlines or urgent work, I felt satisfied with the things I was doing. That was what I did not imagine when I started my job. 

At first, I worked for a law firm and then took the bar exam to prove to my father what I could do. Later, I stick to this job because I love it. I do not know how long I could love this job, and when I would like to quit. But I made my choice, and at this moment, I am still at the firm as a lawyer. 

Desire and love for a job are key things a person should consider before he/she wants to do something else in their lives.

Each of us has reasons to choose a career path. It can relate to your major at the university or your family. However, the key things I took for myself when I choose a job are “what I think,” “how I feel,” and “what I desire”. Whether you want to become lawyers, doctors, or freelancers, ask yourself those questions before taking new moves to the new chapters of your lives.

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