Securities Market in Vietnam – A year of unexpected thrive and expectation in 2021

During the Covid time, when many securities markets in the world have been impacted and have downside growth, it is unbelievable that Vietnam’s securities market still survives and grows.

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2020 – Unexpected development of the market

Even the most-optimistic person cannot imagine that Vietnam can reach the position it has at the moment. With the appropriate method to control the spread of Coronavirus, Vietnam is now a potential market for making investments.

In the first quarter of 2020, when the Coronavirus “invades” the world, the Vietnamese securities market was affected negatively as same as what happened worldwide at that time. The VN-Index decreased by 33% and hit the lowest point on 24 March 2020. Not many people believe that 2020 can be a good year for investment.

Then, positive signs appeared. The Government had the most appropriate measure to control the pandemic, and Vietnam has been one of countries managing the virus the most effectively. Many stocks have their price increased by two to three times. By the end of the year, we witness new individual investors’ year, with a large amount of funding to the securities market. Everyone can be an investor and start becoming an investor. Especially for those who began investing in July, they ended the year 2020 with double or triple revenues.

2021 – Expectation of the continuing growth

The year 2021 starts with a new type of Coronavirus spreading in Europe. The situation is more complicating than in the last few months. The risk of new waves of the pandemic is still there while we are just testing the vaccine. There has not been any certainty that 2021 can be a year of recovery from damages arising from that tiny virus.

However, in Vietnam, at this moment, we are still doing well. We know that if the pandemic spreads extensively within the territory, the healthcare system may collapse. Therefore, with a bit strict method, the pandemic is under control.

The control of the pandemic is the springboard for the country to grow. The securities market is projected to continue growing. With some new regulations on securities that have taken effect this year, more money will flow into the Vietnamese securities markets. Besides the securities sector, investment capital is also pouring into many industries in Vietnam.

I am also a new investor this year though I started a bit late. However, looking at what is happening in the world and what has been happening in Vietnam, I believe in the Vietnamese securities market’s potential.

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