[Travel Diary #1] Belgium & France — Day 6: Last day and night in Paris

Changing the plan was a part of our trip.

Today’s post was about the last day and night we stayed in France before coming back to my city in the Netherlands in the next morning. We should have spent the day in Étretat (where I briefly introduced in Day 2 story).

However, the weather forecast showed that it would be rain in the afternoon. If we decided to go there, it would take us two and a half hours to get there. With that forecast, we might waste our time to see rain and cloud, what I saw the most during my time in the Netherlands. Well, it was not for us.

The weather forecast in Etretat on that day — Image captured by the author.

So, we changed to plan B: travelling around Paris to take photos instead of going somewhere outside the city. We went to two corners which became more popular these days to capture moments next to the Eiffel Tower. They were “Instagram-able” corners (that was what my friend told me). 

Those places were two small streets crossing the Université road, and they were indeed amazing to visit. The weather supported us today, with yellow sunshine, but it was not too hot. We had some great moments at those corners.

Waiting for the green light, and ‘Action’—Image courtesy of the author
Photo shooting with a baguette—Image courtesy of the author

We moved to the Pont Alexandre III Bridge, where we could have the view of the Eiffel Tower, the Esplanade des Invalides (the Army museum) and the Seine River. The view was amazing and relaxing. In my opinion, it was the best view of Paris.

On Pont Alexandre III Bridge — Image courtesy of the author

We then stopped at the most delicious Korean Bingsu store in Paris (as stated by my friend), named Plus 82. For those who do not know what Bingsu is, it is a Korean dessert, mixing shaved ice, topped with fruit, ice cream and served with condensed milk.

It was a small store, and it was crowded when we got there. There was a line of about 8–10 people waiting outside the store before us. The last order would be 19:00 every day. I highly recommended you to go to this store even though I am not a big fan of Bingsu. The Bingsu of Plus 82 were amazing.

We ordered three flavors of Bingsu: Matcha, Mango and Watermelon. All three were delicious. Matcha one was the most impressive, with mochi and red bean on top of the ice. Watermelon flavor was the most palatable for me. We chose this flavor because it was the seasonal fruit, so we could only have it in summer. Mango was my favorite fruit, so I did not have to say much about how I like that.

Bingsu Matcha — Image courtesy of the author
Bingsu Mango — Image courtesy of the author
Bingsu Watermelon — Image courtesy of the author

Daisy and I continued our exploration in a small walking street behind the Pantheon. It was not too far from the Bingsu store, just 300 meters away. That was a place of various cafes, restaurant, food stores. There were so many people there on that Saturday afternoon. The reason we came there was for another French speciality: salty crepe. The store we came to was named Au P’tit Grec. It was a takeaway store, which offered both salty and sweet crepe. The staff there was courteous and friendly. One of them said “Cảm ơn” to us (it is how you say “Thank you” in Vietnamese).

We ordered two salty crepes, one with egg, cheese, potato and ham; and the other with egg, cheese, mushroom and ham. We also ordered a sweet crepe, which was Nutella banana crepe.

Salty crepes at Au P’tit Grec — Image courtesy of the author
Look how big they were. Yummy! — Image courtesy of the author

We chose a small area on the street to enjoy the food and see the French life in that little street. The salty crepes were big and tasty. We both were too full after having the salty ones, and we had to leave the sweet one later when we got home.

We spent the rest of the evening to walk to the Pantheon and gaze it one more time in our last night in Paris. Not far from the Pantheon was the Luxembourg garden. That was a large beautiful garden where people came to chill out. The atmosphere there was fantastic. But the sudden rain interrupted our visit. We got back to Chloe’s place to prepare for our trip back to the Netherlands early next morning.

That was all about our first Europe trip after the ease of travel restriction. The experience we got in Belgium and France was amazing and memorable. It also gave us some lessons for our next trip.

We should have more photos and a video when we come back to the Netherlands. But the worst part happened after the trip: our GoPro’s memory card was broken, so all clips and photos inside have gone (cry). We ordered a new one, and hope that it will work well in our next trips.

Thank you for following my Travel Diary #1. See you in my next journeys, starting with the trip to Rome and Vatican.


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